Cloud Accounting has one main difference to traditional accounting software, it requires no IT installations or major servers to operate, just an internet connection. Cloud accounting works the same way as your Gmail and internet banking, where you all your data is stored in the virtual 'cloud' instead of on your device.

With all accounting data stored in the cloud, you will never have to worry about doing manual backing up of data as this is done automatically for you, collaborate with your team and accountant in real time from anywhere in the world via desktop or mobile and have access to valuable insights and reports for key decision making in an instant.

With the power of the cloud you can run your business on the go and keep track of what is happening in your business. Most cloud accounting softwares integrate with other 3rd party applications which handle core business functions such as payroll and HR, sales and CRM, project management, inventory and credit control to name a few.

The list of possible integrations is virtually limited to what your business requires, giving you an added advantage to solving business problems quicker and reporting accurately in one place. Our cloud solutions are affordable, tailor made and offer real value for money.


  • Cloud accounting works like traditional accounting softwares, but only requires an internet connection.
  • Information is available in real time from anywhere in the world.
  • No IT investment required, only pay a monthly fee.
  • Cloud accounting software integrates with other cloud applications to make for a complete business solution.

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