Black Ambition describes itself as the exception to the rule of accounting. The business primarily focuses on providing sustainable business and accounting solutions cost effectively. We have built a business which will not only change the may businesses view accountants, but also the landscape of the entire outsourced accounting and bookkeeping business.

The principals of the business all have their own specializations, which they feed to each other on a constant basis, this means that you are sure to get the same type of expert service no matter who you deal with. These include core competencies such as Accounting, Taxation, Cloud Solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning to name a few.


Black Ambition offers a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service,cloud and business intelligence solutions, financial and management consulting as well as taxation services.

We pride ourselves in the value of our work and we will ensure your books are kept in order whilst reporting accurately on the results of operations for decision making and growth planning.

Our cloud accounting solutions are market leading and end-to-end, meaning your business will be more integrated than ever to ensure that we build your business on the perfect structure which is conducive to your growth potential so that you are well equipped to move your business forward.


We are indeed a team of finance professionals rooted in excellence which is further illuminated by passion and pure talent. This means we will not only aggressively chase after your goals and objectives, we will do so with so much determination one would think they are our own.

Partner with us in order to separate your business from your competition.

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