Meet Our Team

Jaytee Mthembi

Managing Director
Business Accountant (SA) | SAIBA

Key Qualities: Accountancy. Cloud Accounting & Business Intelligence. Financial Management. Entrepreneurship.

Prime Industries: Advertising & Media. Consumer Goods. Electronics. Technology. Telecommunications.

Jaytee is a well accomplished Accountant, Financial Manager and Cloud Accounting Specialist. His meteoric rise to the top of his career barely two years after said career begun is well-documented and serves as a testament to the remarkable talent he is.

He has been at the forefront of major business and accounting solutions for a variety of entity types and sizes. His Cloud Solutions specialities include Xero Accounting of which he is a Certified Advisor, Project Management, Inventory,Payroll, Credit Control and Customer Relationship Management.

To find out more about the notoriously elusive entrepreneur, we managed to spend a few days with the youthful business leader outside of work and we are happy to report our findings: he is human. He has an impressive all round music playlist for each day of the week, does not miss the sports action of his favourite codes, his cooking skills are shaky at best and has a sense of humor that can make even Kanye manage a smile.

Lesedi Nakin

Senior Accountant
Enterprise Resource Planning

Key Qualities: Enterprise-Resource-Planning. Client Services. Information Systems. Management Accounting.

Prime Industries: Banking. Logistics. Manufacturing. Media. Retail.

Lesedi brings to the team vast amounts of knowledge and experience relation to Enterprise-Resource-Planning and Information Systems. He has overseen countless financial systems implementations in some of the most complex and demanding industries.

Some of the major software systems Lesedi has intricate knowledge of include Sage, Chase Management Systems and Microsoft Dynamics Navision. These are widely used in a variety of industries and are also part of the more challenging to implement and maintain, but he has managed to rise above them all and conquer.  

He describes himself as a laid-back, soft-spoken and and incredibly kind individual. A man who gets his kicks from the sounds of Black Coffee and other home-grown African talents, which is noble if he dances again. To add to his proudly African(South African) profile,he is an avid follower of television content straight from the motherland.

Simon Phoka

Senior Accountant
Taxation and Governance

Key Qualities: Taxation. Corporate Governance. Financial Controls. Public Finance Management.

Prime Industries: Local Government. Financial Services. Business Advisory. HR Consulting.

Simon is our very own taxation guru. He has worked alongside some of the finest financial minds both in the public and private sector. He is well skilled in internal auditing principles having been part of a number of audit engagements which have further sharpened his skills.

He has a very keen interest in international taxation and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in that field of study. We have full confidence in his abilities to obtain his desired level of education and further entrench himself as a valuable member of our all-star team.

Simon is a likeable and fun-loving human with whom you’d never have a dull moment around. Although his book collection is impressive, it is his Fifa career which is even more spectacular, he has a perfect record among his peers. Challengers are most welcome.